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Ramsey Profile 9500 Winch
Ramsey Profile 9500 Winch

The Ramsey Patriot Profile 9500 is for the serious off-road enthusiast that demands the best.

This winch is not for the light-hearted, but for those individuals that rock crawl or trail ride to the extreme! The Patriot 9500 uses a proven and efficient 3-stage planetary gear system. In addition, the Patriot Profile 9500 comes with a powerful 5.5 HP series wound electric motor and a weather resistant solenoid assembly.

The Profile version of the Patriot 9500 has the solenoid assembly seperate so it can be mounted remotely. This style winch is required for the ShrockWorks Toyota 4Runner Winch Bumper & the Toyota Tacoma Winch Bumpers. Our Nissan, Jeep and Suzuki Winch Bumpers will also accept an integrated solenoid style winch.

Why Choose A Ramsey Winch?
All Ramsey designs evolve from field experience. Ramsey is the “Standard” in the towing and recovery market among those who count on a winch every day to earn a living! In fact, 9 out of 10 tow truck operators demand Ramsey over any other winch.

The same industrial design practices are used in all of our self-recovery automotive winches. Better still, is is backed by Ramsey’s 60 years of winch expertise and covered by their limited
Lifetime Warranty

Ramsey Winches are quality products made in the USA! Many winch brands that pretend to be from the USA or Australia are actually made in CHINA.

NO GIMMICKS. Some winch manufacturers have begun focusing more and more on bells and whistles that add cost but do little in the real world. Ramsey remains committed and focused on what matters most, a bullet-proof, brute strength, premium quality winch you can depend on day-in and day-out for a long...long time.

The optional Wireless Remote is also a HUGE benefit. It lets you stay safely out of the way of the winch cable and stand wherever you want. Since you also receive the wired remote, it is also a great insurance policy. Without a functioning remote, your winch is completely useless!

Over the years we have had them stolen out of our truck, broken the teeny-tiny little pins used on another popular winch manufacturers wired remote, broken it by running over it while winching, and yes, accidentally left it at home once or twice. Having both is a BIG benefit.


- Ramsey Patriot Profile 9500 Winch packs serious pulling power
   of 9,500lbs.
- Profile Ramsey Winches use a separate solenoid design that’s
   ideal for limited space.
- The Ramsey Winch Patriot Profile 9500 is powered by an efficient
   5.5hp 12v DC series wound electric reversible motor.
- Fast line speed from a proven 3-stage planetary gear system.
- The Patriot Profile 9500 spools 105’ of 5/16” wire ropeand an
   attached clevis hook.
- 4-way roller fairlead protects your wire rope
- The Patriot Profile 9500 Ramsey Winch’s motor and weather
   resistant solenoid assembly are grounded directly to the battery.
- Automatic load-holding brake for strength, safety and reliability
- The Patriot Winch employs an easy to use, cam-action clutch
   design for free-spooling
- Includes a standard 12ft. wire pendant remote control
- Go wireless with the optional remote system giving you 50 feet of
   range and full control of your Ramsey Winch
- Includes 6 ft. 2-gauge battery cables with connectors
- Made with pride in the USA
- Your Patriot Profile 9500 Ramsey Winch carries a limited
   Lifetime Warranty




Manufacturer Ramsey Winch
Part #: 3PACC-WINCH-PRO9500



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Ramsey Profile 9500 Winch
Ramsey Profile 9500 Winch