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1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper, 3rd Generation

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If you like to play hard in your Toyota 4Runner off-road, it's time for some serious protection. The low hanging flimsy factory bumper is easy prey for the rocks and ruts on the trails. The ShrockWorks winch bumper is just the ticket to even the odds and allow you to charge ahead with confidence in your 4runner.

This bumper was designed from the ground up specifically for the 96-02 4Runner. Many companies take the same basic bumper design and fit it to every vehicle, not here. The lines of the bumper flow very naturally with the 4Runner while still maintaining an aggressive appearance. Like all ShrockWorks bumpers, it is computer designed in 3D CAD, laser cut and CNC bent for precision.

It's also strong, really strong. No thin gauge 1/8" sheet metal here. This bumper is made from 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" thick plate steel. The critical mounting brackets have been engineered for maximum strength under heavy winching loads and utilize five mounting points per side.

Recovery points are made from 3/8" thick steel and are welded on the front and rear side of the bumper.

Despite the strength and stout materials of this bumper, painstaking design work has kept the weight down to a very reasonable 92# with the center hoop & headlight guards.

Don't waste time with a wimpy brush guard / grill guard. They often cause more damage than they prevent after a hard knock. They are affectionately know as "Damage Multipliers". You can have a great looking full replacement bumper that offers REAL protection and a winch mounting location too.

Includes a mounting location for a license plate. If no winch is installed, a license plate will cover the winch mounting bolts and the fairlead opening keeping a clean appearance.

We feel fully confident in saying that this is the best and strongest bumper on the market for your 4Runner!

Std Features:
- 3/16", 1/4" & 3/8" Plate steel construction
- Black powder coat
- Accepts most non-integrated solenoid winches 8000 - 9500 lbs.
- Tubular center hoop and headlight guard hoops. 2"x.120 &
    1.5"x.120 Tube
- New DOT approved turn signals included
- Holes for mounting driving lights on top of bumper
- Integrated mounts for PIAA 4" fogs or Driving lights in the bumper
- Two Recovery Points. They are a 3/8" thick, welded front and rear.
   They accept 3/4" Clevis shackles.
- Weight: 102# with center hoop & headlight guards, including brackets

Toyota 4Runner 1996- 2002

- No Tube
- Pre-Runner Style Center Hoop only
- 1 or 2" Body lift brackets (adjustable). The std brackets work with No Body lift installed. If you have a SUSPENSION lift (via coils or spacers) or no lift at all, choose "None" in the body lift option. If you have a 1" or 2" body lift, select the "Body Lift" option.
- Width. The std 68" version of the bumper is designed to work with no fender flares or the smaller SR5 style flares. A wider version is available for the wider flares used on the Limited models and some sport models. The "Limited" version of the bumper is 72" wide, 2" wider on each side than the standard version and 4" wider overall.

- Requires some minor grinding on the end of the frame rail to install the bumper. Welding on a supplied new frame rail end cap rail is recommended for maximum strength when winching. This is a common modification for installing any aftermarket winch bumper on this generation of 4Runner as Toyota didn't give a lot to work with on the stock frame setup for mounting a winch bumper.

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Light recommendations:
Lights (for in the bumper):
- PIAA 510 4" Super White Driving Beam
- PIAA 510 4" Ion Crystal Fog Beam

Lights (for on top of the bumper):
- PIAA 520 6" 55W Driving Light
- PIAA 580 7" 85W Driving

This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: T4RN3-FBPR01A
Fits: Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002
Select Finish
Top Tubing
Body Lift
Lights in Bumper
Top Lights
Clevis Shackles



Recommended Options
Ramsey Profile 8000 Winch
8000 lb Non-Integrated Solenoid Winch
Ramsey Profile 9500 Winch
9500 lb Non-Integrated Solenoid Winch
Warn 9.5XP, 9500 lb. Winch
Warn 9.5XP, 9500 lb. winch. Roller Fairlead & 100ft wire rope.
Ramsey REP 9.5E Winch
9500 lb. Non-Integrated Solenoid Winch
Ramsey REP 8.5E Winch
8500 lb. Non-Integrated Solenoid Winch
PIAA 510 (5161 & 5164) 4" Driving & Fog Lights - Black
4" PIAA 510 Driving & Fog Lights - Black Finish Super White or Ion Crystal Bulbs
PIAA 520, 5294 SMR 6" Driving Lights - Black
PIAA 520 SMR 6" Driving Lights, Black Finish Super White Bulbs
PIAA 580 5862 7" Xtreme White Driving Lights - Black
PIAA 580 SMR 6" Driving Lights, Black Finish Xtreme White Bulbs
Customer Reviews

Author: Rocket from
Not to sound over zealous, but like somebody else said, this bumper is truly in a "league of it's own".

Allow me to rephrase my initial description...

You could throw it off a 50 story building and it wouldn't suffer a scratch.

If Chuck Norris gave it a roundhouse kick, he would break his foot.

It's looks even better than their 4th gen bumper.

You can bash it into a boulder, another car, or a Mac truck and still come out with a win.

For a production made bumper, it's by far the best looking and most functional one out there.

Author: Nate Dykes
Awesome bumper! Although it took months for me to get it! Don't plan on having it shortly after you order it.

Author: Dayton Magness
I have been saving for a very long time to get a shrockwork bull bar...IM PUMPED

Author: Arnold Choy
Hello Jim,
I finally got around to installing the custom bumper you guys build for me. I couldn't be more happy with the fit and quality. It is much tighter and doesn't hang out as far as the ARB bumper on my friends rig. Too Bad you guys don't have a rear bumper set up for a 3rd gen 4runner.
Also I am glad that you talked me out of getting the kick outs on the sliders as well. I am impressed with how much more height i gain going with a shrockworks slider.

Author: David Adams
I can't recommend this bumper enough. It was kind of a bear to install, and took a lot of drilling and grinding, but it was a fun weekend project and it just looks awesome.

Author: Dan Hosaka
Love my new bull bar! Customer service was very helpful. No real issues installing it, just make sure you have a friend when it comes time to mounting. Also had some trouble with the turn signal swap. The connectors on the supplied turn signals aren't the same as the stock toyota ones.

Author: Jackie @zerolimit
The bumper is one of the nicest I've seen on a 3rd gen, fitment and build quality is spot on, currently rocking the front bumper and sliders, rear bumper is on order, looking forward to receiving the rear bumper! Thanks for the great service!

Author: David
Solid bumper for sure - I love my Shrockworks products.

One suggestion to the Shrockworks team: increase the front lean of the main hoop. With my bumper on, I could not reach the hood latch to raise the hood. Fortunately with a 1" body lift I gained enough room.

1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper
1996-2002 4Runner Front Bumper