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1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper, 1st Generation

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If you like to play hard in your Nissan Frontier, it's time for some serious protection. The low hanging plastic factory bumper is easy prey for the rocks and ruts offroad.

The ShrockWorks winch bumper is just the ticket to even the odds and allow you to charge ahead with confidence. Don't waste time with a wimpy brush guard or grill guard for your Xterra or Frontier. They often cause more damage than they prevent after a hard knock. You can have a great looking bumper that offers real protection and a winch mounting location too.

You are looking at the best bumper on the market for your Xterra or Frontier. Like all ShrockWorks products, it is computer designed in 3D CAD, laser cut, CNC bent.

It's also strong, really strong. Unlike some other bumpers on the market using thin gauge sheet metal less than 1/8" thick, this bumper is made from 3/16" and 3/8" thick plate steel. Despite the beef, painstaking design work on this bumper has kept the weight down to a very reasonable 105 lbs though.

Key Bumper features:
- Optimized for off road performance with greatly improved approach angles. It actually hangs down 3 inches less than the ARB bumper / bull bar.
- Hidden winch mount accommodates most integrated and non-integrated solenoid winches up to 9500 lbs.
- Light mounting holes are a std. feature
- Extremely stiff wraparound wings resist flexing into the body
- Looks great with or without a winch installed. No gaping empty hole where the winch would be.
- Designed with clearance in mind for larger tire upgrades.
- Installation is a simple bolt on with six mounting points. Newer Frontiers require some minor cutting on the factory plastic bumper/grill.

Quick Specs: - 3/16" plate steel bumper
- 3/8" plate steel mounting brackets and integrated recovery points.
- 2" and 1.5" high strength tubing
- Grade 10.9 metric hardware included
- Finished in show quality black powder coat or Optional Gray


Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: NFTR1-FBPR-01A
Fits: Nissan Frontier 1998-2004
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Body Lift
Skid Plate
Lights on Top
Clevis Shackles



Customer Reviews

Author: Josh Lyons
Just got my bumper on about a month ago and I love it! Its built strong and right!

Author: Craig Rodrigues (
I have had this bumper on my truck for almost 2 years now! Fantastic piece of work. Really strong ... Perfect fit for my truck.

Author: Charlie Gower
I can only say awesome things about this far it has saved my life, quite literally. When i was trapped under my truck while working on it, a hilift to the shrock was the only thing that could get the truck off of me, and the shrock took everything the EMS technicians threw at it!!!

Author: Richie Ophals
this bumper is a tank!!
takes hits from everything and still looks great.

awesome fit and flows well

Author: Edgar"andy"Rodrick
I've had all kinds of people ask where did I get this cool bumper,Its alot better then the stock bumper.

Author: Zac Dwyer
Bumper is awsome and very rugged! It has taken all the trail beating I have given it and had taken a couple good tuggs!

Author: Jason McClintock
I've had my bumper on for almost a year and it still looks brand new. A true testament was when I hit a deer on the highway going 55mph. The bumper wasn't dented not even a scratch. Awesome piece of work thanks

Author: Andrew Boldt
I bought the bumper expecting it to be at my house in at least 4 months according to everyone else. A month and a half later I received it. I wouldn't have any other steel winch bumper on the front of my truck now. Rock sliders are next. Thank you Shrockworks!

Author: Jason Adams
I got my Shrockworks bumper based on other recommendtaions and the companies increadible reputation for great products. It is the single biggest factor that makes me wish I had never traded in my truck. I miss that bumper. A large vulture flew into my truck one time at 60mph and the bumper never budged. My buddy just laughed because it didn't even leave a scratch.

Author: Adam LaBranche
The bumper follows the lines of the truck really nice and flows. It just makes the truck look mean and has an awsome stance. Enough about looks though, I can point my truck right at obsticals and now I have room to actualy walk my tires right up a rock or somthing. Built stong, HEAVY, and good welds.

Author: Craig Adkins V.P. of RMS Ltd.
We have shrockworks bumpers on all our field Nissan trucks.
We are in the coal exploration industry in West Virginia.
The bumper is a beast nuff said!
All the drillers and other people we work with want to know where we got them. And we always send them to .
A must for any Nissan work truck.
It's handled everything we've thrown at it.

Author: Shawn McCarty
Lucky for me the bumper came with the truck. It's partially what sold me on it. Tough bumper, I wish I could have said that for the Jetta I hit. It barely left a scratch, although it did pull the side out a slight bit. (I back into the jetta and somehow managed to just fit the side "wing" in through the headlight. The rest is history and about $2000 less in my pocket.

1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper
1998-2004 Frontier Front Bumper