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2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders, 4th Generation

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The most vulnerable area on any vehicle while off road are the rocker panels. The factory rocker panels and aftermatet nerf bars on the 4Runner look nice, but they are made of thin material and will quickly buckle with even a moderate blow causing more damage.

ShrockBars are the strongest rock sliders available to armor the Toyota 4Runner. Only the best and strongest materials are used. The tube portion is 1.75" x 0.134" thick tubing. This tubing has a very high strength to weight ratio and is used in applications such a roll cages for race cars. ShrockBars will allow you to charge ahead off road with no fear of damage to your rocker panels!

Protecting your 4Runner does not have to mean giving up a lot of ground clearance either. The angled sweep of the side tubes on the rock sliders provides for excellent ground clearance and protection from side impacts. If you are in a tight spot and slip sideways, it is often your door which takes the blow. The stick-out of the tube portion fends off side impacts while also provides a convenient step up into your rig.

Only basic hand tools are required and all new hardware is provided.

- Weight: 118 lbs.
- Materials: 1.75"x.134 wall Round Tubing
- 2"x2"x3/16" wall square tubing
- 1/4" plate mounting pads.
- XREAS Compatible
- Powder coated in semi-gloss black, dark semi-matt gray or bare steel.
- SOLD AS A SET (Driver & Passenger)

Options pics:
- Extra Center Support. Two come standard. (pic)

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


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Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: T4RN4-ROKS-01A
Fits: Toyota 4Runner 2003-2009
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Customer Reviews

Author: Steven Ibanez
I have beat the hell out of my sliders and love them! The install took less than 15 minutes and the fit and finish was excellent. The sliders have saved my 4Runner over rocks, around trees and allow me to use obstacles as pivot points when navigating tight paths.

More pics here:

Author: Jason Byrne
Let me first say these sliders are of extremely high quality. For me the installation took about 5 hours. I thought I would list some tips that weren't included in the instructions.

The front clamps are the toughest. Although the rock sliders are made to high tolerances, the amount of weld spooge on the bottom of your frame rails will vary. I suppose you could grind some but I found that by applying force from the jack at different parts of the bottom of the "U" clamp on the slider, I could sort of get it to bend around the weld a little. Also on one side the legs of the U kind of spread so I had to bend them back using the bolt and nut with no washers. After I got a bend in there I could add washers back.

Another thing not mentioned is that you need to un-clip the brake lines to get clearance for the bolt on the drivers side front. If you use a big flat head screwdriver you can pry the white brake line clip down off the attachment post.

There are some tight spaces that you need to jam your hand in so be prepared for some lost skin.

So after a bit of swearing I got them installed and am very satisfied.

BTW I have a 2007 4runner sr5.


Author: Brian
The bars look great and perform awesome. They even protect form rogue shopping carts! lol. My truck was damaged at work and it needed the running boards replaced, so one side from toyota is like 700 bucks and a pair of shrockworks bars is like 500 so they are a pretty good deal too! very happy! next is the front winch bumper and hopefully you guys come up with a solid rear bumper with a tire carrier option.

i have a 2003 4runner sport

2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders
2003-2009 4Runner Rock Sliders