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About Us

At ShrockWorks, dueling with Mother Nature off the pavement is our passion. It’s a ton of fun, but she is often a very formidable adversary. Her landscape just loves chewing up 4x4’s and flimsy chrome accessories. Our goal is to ensure you get through the trail with your truck in one piece, without making it look like a tank someone made in a high school shop class.

To ensure you survive the duel, only the best and strongest materials are selected for each product. However, that does not mean simply building every product from 200 lbs of steel. All ShrockWorks products are designed to have a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

We combine old world craftsmanship with the very latest in Computer Aided Design and manufacturing to produce each product. Most parts are cut by computer controlled lasers or high definition plasma systems, then welded and hand finished by skilled craftsmen.

We take great pride in every product we ship. Many hours of research and development go into the design of every ShrockWorks product to ensure you a simple installation, a great fit and a product of unequaled quality and durability.

We are a small but rapidly growing business. Our customers are our most important asset. When you buy a ShrockWorks product, you can be assured that your business will be genuinely appreciated and you will receive prompt and accurate responses to inquiries both before and after your purchase.

ShrockWorks is located in Houston, TX.

ShrockWorks Phone: (877) 474-7625 Email: