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2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover
2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover
The design of this cover offers several benefits:

- No loss of ground clearance at what is already the lowest point on the truck.

- Complete protection of the vulnerable cover which can be pushed into the ring gear when hitting something in reverse.

- Prevents the bottom lip from getting peeled back when dragging over rocks which will cause fluid leaks.

- Allows you to maintain the factory mounts for the emergency brake cable and the rear brake line.

- Doesn't require removal of the stock cover, re-sealing and re-filling.

Fits 2005+ Nissan Xterra and Frontier. D44 (Dana 44) and Nissan C200 axle.

Please Select D44 or C200 under Options below. If you arent sure which axle you have, there are pictures of both versions on the right.

THE BEST WAY TO BE CERTAIN which one you have is to count the number of bolts holding the factory diff cover on. As you can see in the pics to the right, there are EIGHT holes on the C200 and TWELVE on the Dana 44 (D44) 8-bolts = C200 and 12 bolts = D44.

Here are some general guidelines, but to be sure, count the bolts.

D44 Variant = M226 (With or without e-locker) Models: - Manual & Automatic w/ Off-Road Package - Manual S Model - Manual X Model

C200 / Non D44 Variant Models: - SE - Automatic S - Automatic X

Ring and Guard are 1/4" steel New longer bolts included.

Read a full review from Steve Green "The Old Trail Master" of: Death Valley Back Country Safaris

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: NXTR2-SKID-DIFF-???-01A
Fits: Nissan Xterra & Frontier 2005-2021
Rear Axle



Customer Reviews

Author: Dan Lloyd
Jim, Awesome product as always. I've got sliders and the full skid set. Wish you offered Solar Yellow powdercoat.

Author: Jason "Muzikman" Beam
After peeling back the cover twice on my 2005 Off-Road Xterra, this was a very welcome piece of armor. I gave it a real workout at Paragon Adventure Park (in PA) and I am pretty sure it prevented a third peel back. As always, great product Jim!

Author: Zach "santacruzed" Huey
Yet another beefy product from Shrock. No more worries about backing up on the rear diff or dropping it onto a rock.

Author: Brian "ProjectX" Hahn
Another great product, always satisfied with Shrockworks parts. Now I have a full set of skids and can ease my mind knowing my diff isn't going to get peeled back.

2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover
2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover
2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover
2005+ Xterra & Frontier Diff Cover