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2019-2022 Ranger Skid Plates
2019-2022 Ranger Skid Plates
2019-2022 Ford Ranger Skid Plates, 5th Generation

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The underbody of your vehicle is one area that is most susceptible to damage when off-road. While some trucks may come with some coverage from the factory, its functionality typically stops at deflecting road debris and very light off-road use. Serious off-road travels require serious off-road protection.

ShrockWorks’ skid plate system lets you decide what type of protection fits your driving habits best. We offer our skid plates in both steel and aluminum so that you can protect your investment with a configuration that is best suited for you. All of our skids are CNC cut and formed from 3/16” plate and reinforced in the areas that need it most. Smooth transitions from one to the next keep you from getting hung up on trail obstacles and plenty of drainage is incorporated to rid your skids of mud and trail debris. Our mounting system secures your skids without any low hanging fasteners to get hung up or damaged as well.

Steel vs. Aluminum

We recommend steel skid plates for moderate to heavy off-road use. Steel construction will handle more abuse than aluminum but comes with a tax in the weight department. For those who are spending more time on the street with occasional light to moderate off-roading, the aluminum option might be the route for you. Aluminum comes with significant weight savings but will not hold up to the same abuse full steel construction will. For this reason, we have provided a healthy compromise by utilizing steel cross-members/mounting bracketry with our aluminum skid plates. You may also choose to create your own skid package by mixing steel & aluminum skids as they are completely interchangeable.

Package Weights:
- All Steel - 115 lbs
- Aluminum with Steel Radiator Skid & Cross-member - 75 lbs

Radiator Skid (Available in Steel Only – 35 lbs):

An excellent upgrade over the stock skid, or even the optional FX4 skid plate, this skid mounts directly to the frame. Formed vents ensure proper airflow for the trucks intercooler and radiator as well as increase the rigidity of the skid and keep debris from being scooped up from the trail. This skid is also compatible with the factory tow hooks, allowing you to maintain your stock recovery points.

Engine Skid (15/5 lbs):

The high clearance form design of this skid provides strength and rigidity that you can count on, while also giving you a little extra room to clear trail obstacles. Our engine skid is designed to be compatible with the Ford FX4 skid plate option should you choose to retain it rather than install our Radiator skid.

Transmission Skid (28/10 lbs):

Covering the transmission and transmission pan of the vehicle, this skid makes a smooth transition from one cross-member to the next with large side flanges to make sure it holds its shape.

Transfer Case Skid & Cross-member (39/26 lbs):

This skid covers your transfer case also using our high-clearance form design. An additional robust steel cross-member is included with both steel and aluminum skid options.

- Steel or aluminum construction
- FX4 Skid compatible skid set
- Powder coat finish

Free Shipping - Lower 48, USA

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: FRAN5-SKD
Fits: Ford Ranger 2019-2022
Factory FX4 Skid



2019-2022 Ranger Skid Plates
2019-2022 Ranger Skid Plates
2019-2022 Ranger Skid Plates