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2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper, 4th Generation

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We are now making these bumpers to accept Baja Designs Squadron lights instead of the 4" PIAA lights. While most of the pictures show PIAA lights in the bumper, the new design will look like the fourth, fifth and sixth picture down on the right. The lights can be purchased with a bumper in the options below or separately in our Lights section.

If you like to play hard in your Toyota 4Runner, it's time for some serious protection. The low hanging plastic factory bumper is easy prey for the rocks and ruts off road. The ShrockWorks 4Runner front bumper is just the ticket to even the odds and allow you to charge ahead with confidence.

Don't waste time with a wimpy brush guard or grill guard for your 4Runner. They often cause more damage than they prevent after a hard knock. They are affectionately known as "Damage Multipliers." You can have a great looking bumper that offers real protection and a winch mounting location too.

You are looking at the best bumper on the market for your 4Runner. Like all ShrockWorks products, it is computer designed in 3D CAD, laser cut and CNC bent.

It's also strong, really strong. Unlike some other bumpers on the market using thin gauge sheet metal less than 1/8" thick, this bumper is made from 3/16", 1/4" and 1" thick plate steel.

Despite the beef, painstaking design work on this bumper has kept the weight down to a very reasonable 146 lbs. This includes the front skid plate.

Key Bumper features:
- Optimized for off road performance with greatly improved approach angles.
- Hidden winch mount accommodates most non-integrated solenoid winches up to 9500 lbs.
- 3/16" aluminum front skid plate included standard.
- 1" thick recovery points to accept 3/4" clevis shackles
- Integrated mounts for Baja Designs Squadron lights
- Driving light mounting holes on top of bumper - Extremely stiff wraparound wings resist flexing into the body
- Looks great with or without a winch installed. No gaping empty hole where the winch would be. A liscense plate will cover the winch opening. License plate holes are included.
- Designed with clearance in mind for larger tire upgrades.
- Installation is a simple bolt on.

Quick Specs: - 3/16" plate steel bumper
- 1/4" mounting brackets
- 1" thick recovery points
- 2 " and 1.5" high strength tubing
- Splash guards. Covers washer bottle and sheetmetal in that area on both sides, .120" steel.
- Turn signals
- All new hardware included
- Finished in a 3 stage show quality super durable powder coat. No thin peeling off stuff here.

Toyota 4Runner 2003 - 2009
We have heard unconfirmed reports from customers that the ARB Bull Bar for the 4Runner does not fit some 2006 or any 2007 4Runners due to changes in the design. The ShrockWorks winch Bumper for the 4th Generation 4Runner has been tested and WILL fit 2006+ 4Runner.

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: T4RN4-FBPR01A
Fits: Toyota 4Runner 2003-2009
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Customer Reviews

Author: Robert
I'm glad that I found you. You did such a good job in the design, that everybody is jealous, including the mighty ARB!!

Your design kicks the $%!@ out of the not so attractive ARB bumper that they finally came out with. And the fact that Yours came out to market before ARB's is a killer thing for you to be proud of.

Robert A.
Las Vegas, NV

Author: Michael M.
A piece of art that can take a beating! I love my bumper (and the improved clearance it provides). Great job.

Author: Brad
The Shrockworks team did a great job listening to customer requirements first and then designing and building an outstanding winch bumper.

The workmanship and attention to detail on this bumper is impressive. The added protection, combined with the major improvement in approach angle and overall aggressive looks makes this bumper stand out above all of the competition. I'm very happy with my purchase. Nice work Shrockworks!

Author: Mark
Just a freaking great product. We installed three in one day. Only hitch was some wrong brackets which was sorted out by SW straight away. I get lots of compliments from all sorts of admirers. The last today when I was driving out of a shopping complex. Guy says to his girl, "Now that's what we need for our 4Runner".

Have done some pretty good rock trails and hit the bar hard a few times. It offered great protection and was perfect for winching too.

Author: Mark L.
The best 4th gen 4Runner bumper available....period.

Author: Jeff
Freaking awesome. It's worth more than the price, and I can see by the quality of workmanship that it'll last a lifetime. It's also one sexy bumper to boot! I agree, a rear bumper would be amazing, and sure to sell to the community.

Author: leo flores
after 3 deer accidents with my 99 gmc jimmy at 2k$ each accident I got your winch bumper for my 07 4runner and 3 months later my wife broke in the new bumper.totally demolished a 120 pound whitetail doe and not as much as a scratch on the bumper. thanx for saving me my 500 dollar 1200 dollar investment iv made.Im sure it will pay for itself with time. again thanx shrockworks for such a great product p.s. please give us a rear bumper to match . Leo flores

Author: Greg
Very long wait, but well worth it. Higher quality than I could have imagined. Awesome bumper, looks great, and very well made. I wish I could weld as good...

Author: David
I just love this bumper, may friends love it, too! I would love to see a rear bumper as well,
David, Montrose, CO

Author: mark
front bumper is great. i would love to see a rear bumper. with high lift and fuel tank and spare tire carriers

Author: Rob
bad a$$ front bumper, but my baby wouldn't be complete without back.

Author: Shaun
Amazing bumper, that's all I can say. I would love to see you build a rear one with a tire carrier (and so would the rest of the 4th gen community!)

Colorado Springs, CO

Author: Austin
Great bumper, ordering one for my 4th gen, please make a rear one, all the 4th gen owners need a mass produced rear bumper! Please!

Author: Tracy
Amazing product. (and I get compliments on it all the time!)

Author: Danny
Love the front bumper, need to make a rear so we can get that spare tire off the ground. Thanks Denver, CO.

Author: Chris
One of the best investments I've made on my 4Runner. Now, it's time to turn your team loose on a rear bumper with tire carrier Jim. The community wants and needs one.

Author: Jay
Looking to upgrade my 08 4Runner front & rear bumper. Shockworks is by far the best choice, but why don't you guys have a rear bumper w/ tire carrier? I think it's safe to assume, you'd sell quite a few if it's nearly as sweet as the front bumper. Come on guys..... The entire community awaits.

Author: JohnD
Wickedly BAd.. Rear bumper please!

Author: Kevin S.
Jim an the other folks at Shrockworks have made an awesome quality product here. Mine has weather extremely well here in 50 below wind chill here in minnesota, and despite some initial difficulties I had with a couple things related to the bumper and lighting, once I was able to make it thru the waiting period it was all worth it. Thanks! I get tons of compliments on it, and honestly think I don't get pulled over mire cause cops slays turn their heads and look, but don't pull me over. I know I drive a little fast. :)
Thanks again, Jim. Nice work.

Author: GOD
Jim, please design and manufacture a rear bumper for the 4th gen 4runner.

Author: Daron-t4r
Rear bumper please!

Author: Ben
Awesome bumper I love it to death but still need a rear bumper for the baby

2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper
2003-2009 4Runner Front Bumper