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Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier
Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier
2005-2021 Xterra & Frontier. Engine / Oil Pan Skid Plate.

Put some REAL protection under your Xterra or Frontier.

The factory Nissan "skid plates" are better than nothing, but not much better. They are flimsy stamped sheet metal, and still leave a lot uncovered.

The ShrockWorks skid plates are made from laser cut 3/16" steel plate with bends the right places to add even more strength.

This skid plate will protect the vulnerable low hanging aluminum front differential and the oil pan on the 2nd Generation (2005+) Xterra and Frontier. This is a good investment in peace of mind.

We recommend you order skid plates in bare steel and paint them yourself with Rustoleum rattle can "Hammer Tone" paint available at Lowes or Home Depot. It will save you a good bit of money, they are not visible, and they are going to get beat-up and scratched-up anyway.

Package Deal
If you purchase a package of 3 or more skid plates, enter coupon code NSKIDPKG in the shopping cart coupon field and receive a package discount price (about 10% off the individual price).

Read a full review from Steve Green "The Old Trail Master" of: Death Valley Back Country Safaris

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Fits: Nissan Xterra & Frontier 2005-2021



Customer Reviews

Author: Patrick
If you take your Frontier or Xterra off-road AT ALL, you NEED this! If you can only afford one plate at a time, this one should come first! The front diff is completely unprotected, even by the factory "skidplate," make of brittle aluminum, and known to grenade if banged on a rock. The Shrockworks plate is a great, huge, heavy hunk of metal to protect that fragile and expensive diff. You could probably use this plate as a jacking point without even denting it.

Author: MC
Perfect Fit, Saved what it covers for sure! I have the skid set, and I now drive my X like I stole it! Thanks to Shrockworks. MC

Author: moe
i smashed oil pan first week i had my 07 frontier this skid plate will not let that happen again 4 sure.

Author: PaulXyZ
I pulled the factory skid plates off my Xterra off-road model and these dropped right into place. Perfect fit and lots of piece of mind for cheap. If you're serious off road get the whole package front to rear.

Author: Darrell
Two hours and two wrenches to put on four rock-solid skids: it doesn't get any easier or any tougher than these!

Author: Bud
It was a perfect fit on my 2007 Frontier. However, I would recommend tightening-up the 4 bolts in the factory tapped holes 1st, making sure that the lip on the passenger side clears the piece on that side. May involve drilling out the holes for these bolts just a bit.

Author: Sped
Wish I had these yesterday when I found that rock with my oil pan. I'm ordering these ASAP so I never have to deal with that again.

Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier
Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier
Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier
Gen2 Engine Oil Pan Skid Plate Xterra & Frontier