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Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders
Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders
Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders, 2019-2021

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The rocker panel is one of the most vulnerable areas on your Wrangler when driving off-road. Aftermarket nerf bars and even the factory “Rubicon Rails” look nice but are made of thin material and are typically mounted to the body which won’t do much to protect your rocker panels against damage.

ShrockWorks rock sliders are exceptionally durable. They are constructed of 2” square tubing and 1.75” round tubing. They bolt directly to the frame using 1/4” thick, gusseted mounting plates that tie into both the side and bottom of the frame. This nets you a stronger frame attachment vs. simply bolting to the side of the frame. They make great Hi-Lift jack lift points and will easily withstand impacts from any obstacle you may come across on the trails.

The Dimpled Tread Plate option adds a formed plate that bridges the gap between the outer round tube of the rock slider and the main square tube. Once welded in place, the tread plates increase the rigidity of the sliders as well as act as traction aids, making the sliders more functional as steps. The standard sliders can be used as steps but you're only stepping on a single piece of 1.75" round tubing. The tread plates add to the style and finish of the rock sliders as well. Both options are angled up at 30*.

Weight: 138-155 lbs per pair

- 2" square and 1.75" round tubing
- 1/4" frame plates
- Sold as a set, driver & passenger side

- Choose from several powder coating options or bare steel
- Standard tubular support only or Dimpled Tread Plates

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: JJT-SL
Fits: Jeep Gladiator 2019-2021
Dimpled Tread Plates



Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders
Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders
Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders