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Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
ShrockWorks Jeep JK Winch Bumper / Front Bumper

Smooth, clean and brutally strong, the Shrockworks "Stubby" front bumper for the Jeep JK packs a lot of features and functionality into a compact package that allows maximum approach angle off-road and blends in naturally with the lines of the new JK Wrangler.

- Constructed of high strength 3/16" plate steel, laser cut, CNC formed and meticulously welded and finished by skilled craftsman in the USA!

First, let's deal with a frequently asked question, "What about my FACTORY FOG LIGHTS?

All ShrockWorks bumpers are designed with one thing as the foremost priority: FUNCTION & PERFORMANCE! The point of a stubby bumper is to protect what needs protection and stay out of the way to maximize your approach angle and let you get up and over rocks and obstacles. The factory fog lights are almost 5" deep. Some competitor's "Stubby" bumpers put these fog's in front of the winch. So guess what? The bumper hangs out there FIVE INCHES further from the Jeep. That is A LOT and will really affect where you can and can't go in your Jeep.

The other approach some take is to put the lights under the winch and set the winch on top of the bumper which blocks a lot of airflow to the radiator. Have you ever seen a Warn PowerPlant in one of these types of bumpers? Yikes!

We think both approaches are...ahhh..."mentally challenged" and are great examples, "features," you will never find on a Shrockworks product... because they sacrifice function for form.

If you are intent on keeping the factory fogs, looks at our Mid-Width bumper. If you want fogs and driving lights with a Stubby, get the PIAA 525 dual mode fog and driving light. You can also ask to have light tabs added to the winch hoop and run whatever else you want.

- STANDARD: A removable SKID PLATE that wraps underneath is included as a std feature! This skid plate wraps far enough under that it will also protect the sway bar disconnect motor found on all JK Rubicon's and some other 2007+ Jeep JK's. Since the skid is removable, it can be easily replaced if damaged, although it's not likely to happen. The skid is formed specifically for strength. The edges are bent up on the sides. It has welded gussets on the back side, and it's made from the same high-tensile 3/16" steel plate as the bumper itself. This is probably the most damage-prone area on a Jeep. Many bumpers have a flimsy flat piece of flat plate in this area. One good hit there, and the whole bumper is bent & toast. Others charge you extra for a skid plate. We consider it a necessity and include it as a std. feature.

- STANDARD: Shackle / Recovery points are included as a std feature. They are made from massive 1" thick plate steel. They are welded front & back, and they are designed in such a way that even if the welds were to fail, the recovery points themselves are still held in the bumper (see CAD pic on right)

- STANDARD: There is nothing else needed to mount a winch. Just bolt it on and go! Accommodates most winches up to 9500 lbs, including hard to fit winches like the new Warn Power Plant HP winch.

- Built-in light tabs for aftermarket driving or fog lights.

- Three versions are available: no top tubing, a low profile winch height hoop and one with a grill hoop.

- Finish options are: bare steel, semi-gloss black powder coat, and a semi-matt finish textured black powder coat. The text-black has a rough texture. It looks similar to the non-Sahara fender flares.

Most of the pics here are of a bumper that was done in a custom Anthracite Metallic it is also listed below.

Winch compatibility: All of the winches listed on our www site will fit. MOST winches b/t 8000 & 9500 will fit. Known exceptions: Warn 8275, Superwinch EP & EPi, any worm gear style winch (these are typically industrial winches such as the ramsey RE 12000 and look very different from normal winches). The Tmax short drum comp winch and the Warn 9.0RC will require re-drilling some holes. The Ramsey short drum comp winch will bolt up w/o any mods.

Quick Specs:
- 3/16" plate steel bumper & skid plate
- 1" thick steel recovery points.
- 2" x .120" high strength tubing
- Bumper 44 lbs.
- Winch Plate 11 lbs.
- Skid Plate 27 lbs.
- Total 82 lbs.
- All new hardware included
- Bolt on, no drilling or cutting

Proudly made in the USA!

Fits the new 2007+ Jeep JK Wrangler, 4 door Unlimited & 2 door. Rubicon, Sahara and X models.

- Now shipping! All ShrockWorks bumpers are made to order to your specifications.

Read the Expert Review & Install Articles at:
- JP Magazine

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: JJKW1-FBPR-01A
Fits: Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2018
Winch Mount Style
Select Finish
Top Tubing
Lights on Top
Vacuum Pump Relocation
Clevis Shackles



Recommended Options
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Customer Reviews

Author: Dmitry
the stubby is fantastic, fit and finish is amazing, i had absolutely 0 issues installing it, it looks great and fits the powerplant beautifully

Author: Garrett VanZant
I got mine a few weeks ago, and I love it. It looks awesome on my Jeep. I get tons of compliments on it.....AND it's strong as hell! I have beat it mercilessly on the AZ rocks.... and nothing more than scratched paint. I also used my 9500 lb winch and a snatch block to recover my buddy's fat ass Chevy K5 blazer that rolled down into a ravine...and it didnt evn flinch.

Author: Chris
Very nice.. Count me in for one ..thats 4x4sure

Author: SDL
Very nice. Simple, no extra weight and the powerplant fits inside frame rails.

Author: Brian L
This is the best bumper out there. I can't wait to get mine.

Author: Mine arrived today, I haven't been this excited this the birth of my daughter!
Mine arrived today, I haven't been this excited this the birth of my daughter!

Author: Vchadwick
Jim and the guys at ShrockWorks did an awesome job!! I have the front bumper with winch hoop on my JK. Along with the powerplant winch/with synthetic rope, PIAA 525's, and of course the clevis shackles!!! Just waiting for the rear bumper. Then my JK rubi will be complete!

Author: Jonathan D
I just got my Shrock Stubby installed and all of a sudden the amount of time I waited to get it seem miniscule. This bumper is top quality, the welds are a work of art.

Author: Chris Jordan/ Grubbs Jeep
These bumpers are terrific! We use them on our personal Jeeps and have sold several to customers, in-fact, we can't keep them in stock.

Author: C.DiMaano
A must for any JK...

Author: Ed Reed
These things are so cool, I don't even own a Jeep and I want one?!

Author: Unknown
Hey Kevin, here are some pictures of the front stubby bumper installed on my 07 four door JK. My local shop in Southern California said installing this bumper was an absolute breeze compared to other products. Your quality is unmatched from the way the bumper was packed to the actual fit and finish of your product!

Thanks to everyone at Shrockworks for the amazing service!!!!

Michael Vitale

Author: SGT Deloria
Best bumper out there!

Author: Darryl Holts
Did lots of shopping up here in Canada and nothing compares to the style and price. The Ramsey 8000 Patriot winch was cheaper than I could buy it here! even shipped to Edmonton Alberta. No one knows much about this company here, but thats soon to change!

Author: Beryl Stefanic (
Absolutely amazing bumper! There is a reason that American Made is the best and Shrockworks personifies this term. Mark should get a raise for putting up with me, the service was the best I have ever dealt with. Look forward to me buying a rear bumper in the near future.

Author: Patrick M
I've had the stubby winch front bumper with the winch height hoop for several years now. I have never, ever seen (and I've looked) a better, stronger, or nicer looking front bumper on a JK. Anything else is just less, in every way.

Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby
Jeep JK Front Bumper - Stubby