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Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Mid-Width ShrockWorks Jeep JK Winch Bumper / Front Bumper

The new Shrockworks Mid-Width Front Bumper for the Jeep JK is a slightly larger version of the "Stubby". If you are looking for something a bit wider and would like to retain the factory fog lights, this bumper is for you!

The new mid-width is still compact enough to stay out of the way offroad and allow great approach angles while providing a little extra width and mounting locations for the factory fog lights. Despite the larger size, this new bumper blends in nicely with the smooth lines of the new JK Wrangler. It looks TOUGH without looking like an aftermarket afterthought.

- The main body of the bumper is constructed of high strength 3/16" plate steel, laser cut, CNC formed and meticulously welded and finished by skilled craftsman in the USA!.

Compare our standard features to the competition!

- A removable 3/16" steel SKID PLATE that wraps underneath is included! This skid plate wraps far enough under that it will also protect the sway bar disconnect motor found on all JK Rubicon's and some other 2007 + Jeep JK 's. Since the skid plate is removable, it can be easily replaced if damaged, although it's not likely to happen. The skid is formed specifically for strength. The edges are bent up on the sides. It has welded gussets on the back side, and it's made from the same high-tensile 3/16" steel plate as the bumper itself. This is probably the most damage-prone area on a Jeep. Many bumpers have a flimsy flat piece of flat plate in this area. One good hit there, and the whole bumper is bent & toast. Others charge you extra for a skid plate. We consider it a necessity and include it as a standard feature.

- Massive 1" thick plate steel Shackle / Recovery points are included as a standard feature. These tabs are are welded front & back, and they are designed in such a way that even if the welds were to fail, the recovery points themselves are still held in the bumper (see CAD pic on right).

- Winch mount plate included. There is nothing else needed to mount a winch. Just bolt it on and go! Accommodates most winches up to 9500 lbs, including hard to fit winches like the new Warn Powerplant HP winch.

- Lighting options. Built-in light tabs on top of the bumper for aftermarket driving or fog lights. Recessed light mounts in the front face of the bumper accept the factory fog light or PIAA 510 4" lights, either the driving or fog version. If you already have the stock lights, select none in the options. If you don't have the stock fog lights, we recommend buying the PIAA lights. They are much higher quality than the stock fog lights and cheaper too.

- Available with your choice of no top tubing or a low profile winch height hoop (as seen in the pics here).

- Finish options are: bare steel, semi-gloss black powder coat, and a semi-matt finish textured black powder coat. The pics here are of the Textured Black.

Winch compatability: All of the winches listed on our www site will fit. MOST winches b/t 8000 & 9500 will fit. Known exceptions: Warn 8275, Warn Zeon, Superwinch EP & EPi, any worm gear style winch (these are typically industrial winches such as the ramsey RE 12000 and look very different from normal winches). The Tmax short-drum comp winch and the Warn 9.0RC will require re-drilling some holes. The Ramsey short-drum comp winch will bolt up w/o any mods.

Quick Specs:
- 3/16" plate steel bumper & skid plate
- 1" thick steel recovery points.
- 2.5" x .120" high strength tubing
- Weight: 96 lbs including skid plate
- All new hardware included
- Bolt on, no drilling or cutting

- Proudly made in the USA!

Fits the new 2007+ Jeep JK Wrangler, 4 door Unlimited & 2 door. Rubicon, Sahara and X models.

- All ShrockWorks bumpers are made to order to your specifications.

Read the Expert Review & Install Article at:

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: JJKW1-FBPR-02A
Fits: Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2014
Select Finish
Top Tubing
Fog Lights
Lights on Top
Clevis Shackles



Recommended Options
Warn 9.5cti, 9500 lb. Winch - 97750
Warn 9.5ti, 9500 lb. winch. Roller Fairlead & 125ft wire rope.
3/4" Clevis Shackle, Black Powder Coat
3/4" Clevis Shackle, Black Powder Coat
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
2007-2016 JK Rock Sliders / JK Rock Rails / JK Rocker protection Guards / JK Rock Rails for the Jeep Wrangler JK
Customer Reviews

Author: Mike
I purchased this bumper. It is worth the wait. The install was easy and very clean and the winch fit like a glove. This may be the perfect bumper!

Author: Steve T
I received this bumper yesterday and installed last night... I love the look however I will say taht I fell 100 times safer with this bumper on my rig than the stock cheap plastic bumper... looks awesome, well built...Made in the USA!

Author: Kevin
WOW! This thing is strong, heavy and looks great! And for the price, you can't beat this bumper. A heads up, Jeep is a little inconsistent with the amount of wiring going to each of the fog lights. Some people have reported having to splice some additional wire to reach the new location of the fog lamps. No big deal, but it might be a good idea to check the length ahead of time and have some wire and connectors on hand in case you need to extend it a few inches. We added about 6" on the driver's side and it was more than enough.

I would like to thank Shrockworks for such a great bumper! Now I need to save some $$$ and get the rear.

Author: Steve
Mine bumper and skid have taken hits that would've really damaged the stock bumper, and torn off the stock air dam. But with this bumper and skid- only thing that happened was it got dirty LOL. This bumper/skid is rock solid!

Author: Jeff Hamilton (
I Installed the Midsize bumper myself. Shrockworks has produce a superior product, with easy installing, testing went well skid plate in need of a little paint,keep my front end safe.

Author: Robert
I purchased the mid size bumper. Great design, very well built, well worth the wait! These guys create a superior product! Thanks :)))

Author: Pete watton
Wow you guys amazing product!! Me my Dad and Bro all have this front and the rear bumper and we all waited a long time to get them. To anyone wondering well worth the wait. On installing both bumpers I buried the jeep and got to use the shackles. They are solid! Badd ass product thanks!!


Author: George Gray (Canadian)
100% perfect. Long wait but well worth it. No modular stuff to break, no cheese grater look. This is what should have come with the jeep. The winch is protected and the bumper is super strong. Love it

Author: Justin Allen
Very long waiting list, but hey, do you want a custom item for your Jeep or do you want the same cookie cutter item you see on 50 other Jeeps? The bumper is heavy, thick steel that has to be tough as heck. I'm glad I waited for mine to be made. I had it painted locally to match the color of my Jeep and I think it makes it look that much better! Great product I can highly recommend.

Author: Michael McCutchen
Received my mid width front and full size rear bumper. I ordered the textured black and love them!! Mark and Justin were great and straight up about lead time and quick to respond. The wait was DEFINITELY worth it. On a side note...the packing showed nearly as much attention to detail as the bumpers!

Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width
Jeep JK Front Winch Bumper - Mid Width