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Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep Wrangler Rock Sliders / Jeep JK Rock Rails

The legendary frame mounted ShrockBars Rock sliders are now available for the new 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK 4 door and 2 door.

This design of 2" 3/16" wall thickness square tube and 1.75" .120 wall round tubing has been in use on hundreds of vehicles over the years and has proven itself to be nearly indestructable in the only testing that counts, real world hard core trails.

With three short gussteed legs of beefy 2"x2"x3/16" square tube bolted directly to the frame, there is simply no stronger Rock Rail setup on the market. We have seen numerous mangled JK's with sliders bolted to the body pinch seam. This works OK with a simple rail (like the stock JK Rubicon Rock Rails), but a tube extending from it creates a lever that will try to twist the against the body. The frame is way stronger that the pinch seam and can handle this in stride. ShrockWorks Rock Sliders are rock solid.

Body Lift Option explanation.

If you have a suspension lift only, of any size, choose "No Body Lift". This is by far the most common setup on a JK.

What is commonly referred to simply as a "Lift" is a suspension lift. A suspension lift is comprised of either new springs or coil spring spacers. A body lift is simply a set of pucks that raise the body off of the frame.

Read the Expert Reviews:

** Sold as a Set: Driver & Passenger **

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: JJKW1???-ROKS-01A
Fits: Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2016
Body Lift



Customer Reviews

Author: SouthSideSteve
Just finished, took about 3 hrs. The 2nd rail literally took 20 mins to install. We drilled 1/2" holes in the front and it did fine, no clearance issues. They are absoluetly rock solid.

Id definately recommend them to anyone considering a set of rails.

Author: Michael W
The fit and finish of the sliders is fantastic. The kit was pretty easy to install and the only "hard" part is marking and drilling your holes but if you can mark and drill a hole you can install this kit.

The sliders are solid and I have no doubt they will provide years of service and save my body from boulders. They do what they advertise to do and they look good doing it.

Author: John
Look fantastic. Better than Warn. More protection fore to aft!

Author: Travis
I love mine. What more is there to say?

Author: T Jensen - Utah
Just thought I'd let you know that I installed your rock sliders on my 4 door Rubicon last night. They are beautiful and very well designed. Even my wife was impressed. They look even better than I thought they would.

Author: Frank W.
Jim, First off, Beyond the call of duty!!!! You got them out to me in record time just in time for Camp Jeep. Nothing but positive feedback on everyone that I come across. I was alittle weary of myself putting them on but I got them on and looks great. Thank you.

Author: Me here - Fort Worth, TX
Got them installed by myself. The only trouble was drilling the holes with a dull bit since everything I order seems to require a 1/2" bit. Used a motorcycle jack to raise, lower, and hold it in place. Only complaint is wishing all the hardware was Grade 8.

Author: Hank
They're extremely durable. They're easy to put on, but it is a two man job. It took a while to get them (ordered in March and got them in June), but who cares because the product is well worth the wait. I plan to spread the word about this great company and their products. Great stuff!

Author: Nicholas Stefanko (
Wow. Got my rails in last week and put them on. These things are AWESOME. Very nice design and very beefy.

I am glad I waited for these because there are no others made for the JK of this quality. Great work guys and thanks for a true frame mount that will protect my Jeep.

Author: PFC Snowden
Love them on my 2 door. Only time i had trouble installing them was taking them out of the box. Thanks to all the guys at shrockworks

Author: Manuel Cedro
I just recieved them today for my 4 door Rubicon...awesome product and well designed...well worth the wait. Thanks Again for the great product Shrockworks.

Author: Chris H.
I have hammered these rails on my JK Unlimited at 4 or 5 parks across the east cost. I have dropped on these sliders with my whole jeep from multiple feet in the air with no deformation and a few nicks and grooves to show for my abuse. For my money, there is no better product out there.

Author: Patrick M
These rock sliders are strong, great looking, and well crafted. Everything you could need in a rock slider. I had to change the rear mounts to get around my long arm lift parts, but the result was worth the effort. Great work Shrockworks.

Author: @tahoe_jeeper
Great looking and rock solid design. Well worth the wait for them to arrive.

Make sure you use the 5/16 drill bit on the middle holes. I missed that on first side and drilled it as 1/2. Had to redesign so I tapped that hole for 9/16 and bought a new bolt and all is good now.

Author: Jonathan C.
Just put the new rails on my second JK.

This is the second set of rails I have bought from Shrockworks. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I had tried a different brand but they couldn't compare to Shrockworks for fit, function, or appearance.

As for install, my sister and I completed the job in record time.
So easy, a caveman could do it!

Author: Jeff A.
Installed mine 9 months ago.I got a lot of help with a fitment issue around Rock Krawler's long arm rear mounts. The guys at Shrockworks shipped my sliders with their rear mount loose in the box so I could work it in forward of the RK mount and weld it on myself. That's real customer service. On the rocks I have dropped a heavy JKU on these things time and time again with only minor scratches, no dents and the security of knowing my sheet metal is safe. Get a set and fear nothing!

Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders
Jeep JK Rock Sliders