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Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
ShrockWorks Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier

Maximum strength and flexibility with no rattles, squeaks or problems!

A tire carrier rear bumper is far and away the most challenging piece of protective armor to engineer properly. If you have been around the off-road scene for long, you have undoubtedly seen, heard about or owned tire carriers that rattle, sway, and bounce all over the place. You've probably seen them fly open going down the trail or worse, break off at the hinge.

What if you wanted a mount for something unusual or decided later that you wanted a particular option but adding it now would mean serious cutting and welding?

Enter the ShrockWorks Modular Swing-out Tire Carrier for the Jeep JK.

ShrockWorks has been making spare tire carriers and rear bumpers for a long time, and we feel we really hit a home run with the new JK tire carrier.

It’s built like a bank vault. The optional accessories like jerry can mounts and the cargo/cooler rack can be bolted on or off at any time. You can buy them now or later and they can be removed if you don’t need or want them on there at certain times.

Also, due to the modular design that includes holes all along the top face and edges of the swing arm frame, you are free to dream up and build whatever sort of accessory, mount or carrier you might need and simply bolt it on and off.

The JK tire rack will accommodate up to a 38" tire. The tire mount is adjustable in/out and up/down for different tire heights and widths as well as wheel offsets. This allows you to set the tire height for best departure angle or best visibility out the back window.. your choice.

The rack comes standard with a Hi-Lift jack mount and a CB antenna Tab.

The latch mechanism works similarly to a pair of Vise-Grip pliers and CLAMPS the swingarm closed TIGHT.

** Please note, cutouts for the reverse lights will be there whether or not you order the lights themselves. **

The ShrockWorks JK Swing-out Tire Carrier is made from premium laser cut HRPO 3/16" plate steel. The shaft is made from aerospace grade 17-4PH stainless steel. It will never rust and it's mega strong.

The recovery points on the bumper are 1" thick, welded front and rear and attached directly to the frame.

The ShrockWorks JK Tire Carrier is available in a Full Width and Stubby version. The full width is what is shown in most of the pictures and is as wide as the stock fender flares. The stubby is very slightly wider than the body. There is one pic of the stubby on the right toward the bottom and one or two on the JK Rear Bumper Only product page.

The bumper utilizes the stock receiver hitch. We gave this a lot of thought and feel this is by far, the best solution.

The stock hitch sits right underneath a frame crossmember, is very strong, bolt on, and a lot of people already have it. In order to do an integrated hitch, it would mean raising the tire about 3” from where we put it and very little view out the back with a big tire. Where we are putting it is high enough to keep it from dragging too much but will give more visibility than if the hitch was mounted higher. If you are a hard-core guy, just leave the hitch off. Even if you leave it on, you may drag it sometimes, but it won’t hold you up, and it’s strong enough that you won’t damage it. We would rather grind and beat up a removable receiver hitch than the actual bumper.

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: JJKW1-TRAK-01A
Fits: Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2018
Driver Side Jerry Can Mount
Pass Side Jerry Can Mount
Cargo Rack
Reverse Lights
Clevis Shackles



Customer Reviews

Author: euge
Great products.
Any update on rear bumper w/ tire carier?

Author: Bret Webster
I have the front stubby with a Warn Power Plant winch on my Rubicon JK and love it. I would like to get a rear stubby to match. I like the CAD drawing that shows the tire carrier, hi-lift mount, and would like at least one light mount for a back-up light. I'm running 35" tires and don't trust the stock spare carrier with the weight. How soon are you taking orders for the new design?

Author: Chuck
It would be nice if the additional carrier could carry two gas cans or a gas can and water can. How about HiLift jacking points? But overall it looks great and the price seems to be in the sweet spot.

Author: Booger
Looking good! My front bumper is working great. Will the rear bumper retrofit with the tire carrier when available?

Author: Jim Cox (
I would be interested in this bumper for my 08 Wrangler JK It looks great.

Author: Putnam Dan
I'm going to have to go the stubby rear route. Any chance of adding a rack option ;)

Author: gary
The bumper looks great. I like the bumper option only for I'm useing only 33 inch Dia. tires and the stock tire rack. It might be nice to have some tabs on the lower part of the bumper about 4 inches in from recovery points for KC backup lights. Just a thought!PS Weight of bumper and is it bolt on ?

Author: Toad
I'm in! I will wait for the stubby WITH a tire carrier. I'll then add the stubby front. It'll be CHERRY! YEAH! Keep us posted on JKOwners when the tire carriers will be available, please.

Author: DaKine
Very clean design. I am in the process of beating the H3LL out of the original and am very interested to see how yours looks with the tire carrier.
BTW, your Jeep is TOO clean...

Author: The Mass
Oh' hells yes. I'm all in. I like the stock reciver hitch!

Author: Rich - TX
The rear bumper is awesome!! It fits great and looks even better. I look forward to adding the tire carrier at some point. Hopefully, it will include 2 jerry cans and a hi-lift. Can't beat the quality. Well worth the wait. Keep up the great work.

Author: Eric in Erie, PA
The bumper looks awesome with the recessed back up lights, can't wait to get mine along with your rock sliders for my 2007 Sahara Unlimited. Keep up the great products!

Author: JKFirefighter
I'll need the stubby with the tire carrier in anthracite, to match the front. Any chance on round backup light holes, since I won't be using the factory fogs up front? Great looking bumper!

Author: Pete H
Looking FWD to the stubby tire carrying version. Max tire/wt?
Agree with Chuck, two cans (+ highlift) preferred; lot of us like both H2O and fuel.
Prefer ability to keep bottom plate on highlift jack; CAD shows it removed.
+1 for stock receiver hitch
+1 for light cut outs
+1 for recovery point integration

Author: Ammon
I love the stubby bumper! And the fact that it can carry a 35" tire in the stock location is amazing. I'll be ordering one once I can convince the wife!
Any pics of the backup lights and the different coatings?

Author: Chad
This bumper is my favorite so far. I was very close to pulling the trigger on the Warn rear bumper, but I am glad I found this one. I love the wrap around design, the tire cut out, the loops, and the fact that you are using the stock hitch receiver! Very well done, can't wait to get one!

Author: matt101
Already have front stubby - love it. I would like to be able to order rear full without company logo. I have the Company sticker already on the front bumpber and on the lift hatch rear window [pics to follow on JK Forum]. I like the smooth clean look without the logo cut into the bumpber.

Author: iDiggs9
Are you shipping the rear full width bumper yet ? I have the front Mid , and would like to get the rear as soon as possible.

Author: jkpirate
I have your mid-length on order and want your stubby rear with tire carrier asap.

Author: BlackRubi - SD
Finally! A rear stubby bumper to match my front stubby (which I love!). Just one question. If I buy the rear stubby now, can I add the tire carrier when it comes out? Its hard to wait - but I will if I have to.

Author: Buyer
Looks great! Any plans for it to have a Hi-Lift rack?
I have your Mid-Length front bumper and it is GREAT!!!!

Author: Jeff Mokos
This new tire carrier bumper looks worth the wait. nice job. I just hope it comes in a stubby version!

Author: rocrat ron k.
Front bumper is still the best. Keep up the work on designing the rear with tire carrier, jerry can carrier and hi lift carrier. This is what I want and how you build them is why I wait.

Author: Jeff
I have the rear bumper (full) already. Sell just the tire carrier for those of us that have purchased a Shrockworks rear bumper. would it look better if we put some other tire carrier on the great looking bumper.

Author: WARD

Author: Ron Gilbert
Got the rear bumper/tire carrier for my 08 JK and it is perfect!!! Nice work, tremendous attention to detail. Worth the wait!!! Nice work Shrock! I will enjoy it for years to come.

Author: Dmitry Gurvits
stubby rear with tire carrier is installed
this thing is beautiful, rattle free, and is super easy to install

here are my pics

Author: jtrujillo
I have the front midwidth's awesome!

Any rattle issues with rear bumper?

Author: Joe Joyner
I just installed my rear bumper/tire carrier. I have the front mid-width with a Ramsey Patriot and was so happy with the quality I felt it was worth the wait for the rear bumper/tire carrier. Two winters in northern Indiana and no chips or rust spots! The installation instructions were clear and the installation was very easy. The fit and finish are unmatched based on issues I have heard of for the cheaper tire carrier options. I was also surprised the license plate relocation kit with light and LED third brake light was included. Excellent job.

Author: BenW from TX
Have the mid front, stubby rear w/tire carrier & rock sliders on order...can't wait! I'm also interested in the cargo rack listed while ordering...can you add some pics???

Author: Matt
Super solid looking. Thumbs up. 3rd Brake light & permanent rear plate suggestions?

Author: Jeff Hamilton (
I have the tire carrier along with the cargo rack. Not only dose it look great. Very usable. My next order from Shrockworks will be the fuel can holders, along with the spare fuel cans. My Shrockworks inventory include, front mid width bumper, rock rails, full width rear bumper with tire carrier. (I had the rock rails installed prior to picking up the jeep)and a few more items from Shrockworks. Very professional workmanship, well worth the time and funds.

Author: D Durham
Ordered the stubby rear with carrier. Pictures do not do justice! It comes with a license plate relocation kit, which was a well needed addition. This is by far the best bumper I could have ordered! No lack of attention to detail. Holds the 37" perfectly, provides lots of vision out the rear window, and is extremely heavy duty. Looking forward to front stubby!

Author: jeff brantley
12 wks too long to wait

Author: George : Lake Charles
I have the full size rear with tire carrier. Shrockworks did their home work on this one. It is solid and was a breeze to install. I have had it on for a year and half and it's handled every thing I have thrown at it. Keep up the good work. Great to hear about your new equipment to speed up the orders. My slider order will be after Christmas.

Author: Jake L
Bought this bumper used and have been using it mount accessories without the spare tire and I love it! I have had 2 other rear bumpers before this and it is truely in a class of its own when it comes to quality and being more solid than the frame itself. The carrier never rattled with the tire on or off. I was recently rear-ended by a small Suzuki hatchback and well... the little Suzuki is totaled after it hit the bumper and then slid underneath of my Jeep. My Jeep was sitting ontop of the car, held up by the rear bumper. After all that, only a scuff and a few gouges in the powder coat but it no metal is showing... this is one tough bumper. Good job Shrockworks!

Author: Piotr Pleszka
I love the way it looks on my jeep. it held up to a 8k winch with snatch block pulling on me not moving me then the jeep winching in and driving to pull me out the mud hooked up on a single tow point of the rear bumper. Everyone i know like the look and the fact that no one else is running it. I got the stubby with tire carrier, jerry can holders both sides, and cargo rack, high lift mounted (64"one) amd a 4' firestick. looks great works great. i also upgraded the lights in the rear.

Author: Kelly Smith
The Shrock works rear bumper on my 2007 jeep wrangler is so beefy and solid that i think its by far the best product out there......It Rocks. Reno,Nevada

Author: HJP
Finally! I found my stubby rear bumper after a L..O..N..G search. I can't wait to get it to the house now.

Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
Modular Jeep JK Tire Carrier Rear Bumper