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Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module

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This kit offers a simple and reliable mounting solution for the Bussmann RTMR series of fuse and relay modules. These kits provide up to ten accessory circuits in single configuration and twenty accessory circuits in double configuration. The Bussmann modules are automotive grade, water resistant units that allow for up to ten 30 Amp fused circuits per module, five of which are relay switched. These rugged and compact modules are the perfect OEM quality solution to properly wiring your accessories. A single or double module bracket is available to accommodate individual requirements.

The CNC bent and black powder coated brackets can accommodate any of the Bussmann 15300 series of modules and up to two Bussmann 285 series circuit breakers depending on configuration. The bracket is completely bolt on and mounts on the driver side fender well using existing mounting points*.

Pre-wired Bussmann modules are sold separately and are available below.

* Some vehicles equipped with the factory inverter have a relay module in the location where this unit mounts. Relocation of the factory module is required to accommodate this kit.

Pre-Wired Bussmann RTMR Module

This kit includes a pre-wired Bussman RTMR module with 10 fused accessory circuits, 5 of which are relay operated. All wiring is properly terminated and sealed, with automotive grade TXL cross-linked wire used throughout. This wire has a 125C insulation temperature rating and is specifically designed for automotive use where it may come into contact with high temperatures and oil. Generous 10ft pigtails are supplied to reduce splicing and provide the user with enough wire of the correct type to complete the installation.

This kit includes the following:
- Bussmann RTMR Module
- 5 ISO 280 Micro Relays Rated at 35A
- 5 18AWG x 10FT Control Wires For the Relay Circuits
- 5 12AWG x 10FT Relay Output Pigtails (Max Suggested Fuse Rating 30A)
- 5 14AWG x 10FT Fused Output Pigtails (Max Suggested Fuse Rating 15A)

Fuses are not included and should be sized according to the accessories being run.

Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Fits: Toyota 4Runner & FJ Cruiser 2010-2020
Bussmann RTMR Module



Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module
Power Distribution Module