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The bumper is awesome! Nice work. Even my wife, who has about zero interest in my truck said "Wow, that's nice!
Ken Mortensen
ShrockWorks is great. I have talked to Jim several times on the phone and gotten many emails from him while they made my ShrockBars and my bumper. Their workmanship is top notch and the customer service has been excellent. I can tell you, you cannot go wrong buying their stuff. It is an incredible value.
Tommy Kuntzi
I received my sliders for the Amigo. Nice work! Even my boyfriend was impressed and he's picky, picky and likes only the best and beefiest components.
Duvlaca Holland
Just got my ShrockBars from the FedEx guy, and these thing look like they could kill moose! You definitely have some fabrication talent there. I hope they didn't hurt too many other packages on the FedEx truck.
Casey Jordan
My front bumper had 10 pounds of shrink wrap on it when it arrived. ShrockWorks stuff is made well, packed well, and shipped promptly. The signal light installation is kind of ingenious too.
Mark Johnson
I ordered a set of ShrockBars on Tuesday and they were sitting on my carport on Saturday. They are killer. I highly recommend them as they are stout and inexpensive (comparatively speaking.) Jim is a great craftsman and is selling a great product. They are easily accessible and it was a great transaction.
Tommy Kuntzi
My vote for product of the year goes to Jim Shrake at ShrockWorks for the front winch bumper. I just think this thing kicks A$$!!!
Art Lilley
This front bumper is SOOO COOL! So cool in fact that I'd have to rate it a notch above ARB's front bumper! This is SERIOUS BEEF and VERY WELL made! Good quality metal, good welds and a VERY professional job! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase it. And, thanks for the FAST shipping! You run a business the way it should be run! You have kept up with all my email questions AND you gave me all the shipping info so I could track this across the country.
Pauly Ehler
Totally awesome plus I liked the fact that I could track the shipment whenever I wanted to. Plus you always responded to my email within a day.
Wes Arnold
"I guess its always good to err on the side of beefiness". I think that comment sums up everything coming out of their shop. Except for the hopeless perfectionism, leaning toward obsessive compulsive! One thing is for sure, if it has ShrockWorks on it, whatever it's done right!
Hank Shank
My ShrockBars are super solid, super beefy, a breeze to install, and they were very affordable!!!
Slider in CT
Kudos to ShrockWorks for another fine job. I received my front bumper today and it was a perfect fit. Sixty five pounds and I thumped it into place and mounted it solo in about twenty minutes. I will absolutely guarantee I'll be getting the rear bumper as soon as possible. Many thanks!!
Mark Johnson