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Synthetic Winch Rope - Amsteel Blue - 5/16" & 3/8"
Synthetic Winch Rope - Amsteel Blue - 5/16

5/16" x 100'
5/16" x 125'
3/8" x 80'
3/8" x 100'

Custom Sizes and Lengths Available, Call for Pricing and Availability

We use only premium quality AmSteel Blue Dyneema fiber rope in our winch lines. Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber, featuring a special urethane coating and extremely good resistance to flex-fatigue. Winch lines built using Amsteel Blue are much safer and easier to use than traditional wire-rope (steel cable). Amsteel Blue synthetic winch rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable of the same diameter, AND steel cable weighs 6X more!

It won't get all wound-up or kinked like cable when unspooled. Synthetic line doesn't develop sharp frays. It won't rust, doesn't kink, is much easier to spool in neatly.

Another huge advantage is safety. Amsteel Blue synthetic winch rope doesn't stretch and store energy the way steel cable does. That means if it breaks, it just falls to the ground. Breaking a steel cable can cause serious damage to people or vehicles.

UV protection coated.

10' abrasion guard included. The guard is flexible and compact enough to wind in with the rope. It unspools right back out when you run the line out. The abrasion guard can be slid along the length of the rope to guard against rock outcrops, etc. when winching.

We strongly recommend the use of an aluminum Hawse fairlead with synthetic winch rope. Iron fairleads, because of their typical rough-cast finish, should not be used with synthetic rope.

5/16" - 12,300 lbs minimum breaking strength, 13,700 lbs average
3/8" - 17,600 lb minimum breaking strength, 19,600 lbs average

Winch Rope Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Some of the more common questions about winch rope.

What about heat from the winch drum? Heat is generated in planetary winch drums (Warn laydown-style, Ramsey planetary winches, most Superwinches) only under "Power-Out" condition. This type of use drives the winch motor against the brake (note references by winch companies about "Automatic Load-Holding Brake"). This is similar to driving your vehicle with the parking brake engaged. Doing so will generate heat if you were to use it extensively in this mode. Similar to driving your vehicle with the parking brake engaged, you can drive out of a parking space without causing problems, but if you drove for significant distance, you would quickly wear out the brake. The same is true for your winch. The "Power-Out" function should be used for relieving tension on the rope, not for extended distances, nor for lowering a load--4WD winches are not designed to be used as hoists. Our testing has shown that powering out for 10-20 feet is not a problem, but will cause excessive wear to the winch brake, so we recommend using the "Power-Out" to relieve tension only. No winches currently made, if used correctly, will heat the drum on "Power-In" use.

Can I use my roller fairlead with rope? Many of our customers do; the roller is susceptible to damage, and if damaged, can damage the rope. We recommend the aluminum fairleads because they are nearly impervious to the type of damage that causes roller fairleads to fail.

Can I use my snatch block with rope? Yes, as long as it is not burred-up from steel cable.

How does synthetic rope hold up to UV exposure? Amsteel Blue has a proprietary urethane-based coating, factory-applied, to help it resist UV radiation. Additionally, Amsteel Blue was not actually designed for the 4WD industry; it was developed for offshore commercial fishing purposes, where it would be exposed to nearly-constant sunlight. Because of these design criteria, it resists UV exposure very well.

Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: 3PACC-ROPE-516100
Fits: All Winches 8000 lbs-9500 lbs



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ShrockWorks Aluminum Fairlead for Synthetic Winch Rope
Aluminum Fairlead for Synthetic Winch Rope
Customer Reviews

Author: Martin Strauss
I purchased the Amsteel Blue line and Black Fairlead for my wife's Tahoe with a TJM bumper and Warn XD9000. The line spooled nice and evenly, including the abrasion guard. Major weight difference the Amsteel and the Warn steel rope. The Black Fairlead looks awesome. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in synthetic rope and aluminum fairlead.