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2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper, 2nd Generation

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We are now making these bumpers to accept Baja Designs Squadron lights instead of the 4" PIAA lights. While most of the pictures show PIAA lights in the bumper, the new design will look like the fourth, fifth and sixth picture down on the right. The lights can be purchased with a bumper in the options below or separately in our Lights section.

    If you like to play hard in your Toyota Tacoma, it's time for some serious protection. The low hanging, plastic factory bumper will kill your approach and get ripped off as soon as it comes in contact with a rock or rut off road.

    Don't waste your time with a brush guard or grille guard. They often cause more damage than they prevent after a hard knock. A full replacment steel bumper is the way to go. You can bolt on some real armor up front and get a spot for your winch as well.

    You're looking at the best bumper on the market for your Tacoma. Like all ShrockWorks products, it is computer designed in 3D CAD, laser cut and CNC formed. From there, it is hand fit and welded by skilled craftsmen, here in Houston, TX, one at a time just how you want it.

    Our bumper is also very strong. The main shell is made from 3/16" HRP&O plate steel. The internal structure and bracketry is made from 1/4" plate and the recovery tabs are 1" thick.

    Despite the strength, many hours at the CAD computer kept the weight down to 138lbs. No suspension modifications are required to mount this bumper.

    2012+ Tacomas:
For the 2012+ models, we're offering an optional set of custom headlight trim pieces. Without them, there will be 2 small gaps between the grill and bumper on the inside corner of the headlight. They will come powder coated the same color as the bumper but you're more than welcome to drop them by a local body shop to be color matched to your truck.

Factory engine skid plate will work with slight modification.

- optimized for off road use offering a greatly improved approach angle - hidden winch mount accomodates most remote solenoid winches up     to 9,500lbs
- 1" thick recovery points
- Integrated mounts for Baja Designs Squadron lights
- mounts for aftermarket lights on top of the bumper
- standard aluminum skid plate
- simple bolt-on installation

- 2012+ includes 2 additional headlight trim pieces
- show quality powder coat finish
- several tubing options available
- body lift brackets
- engine skid plate
- lighting inside and on top of the bumper
- Qty2 black powder coated clevis shackles

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: TACO4-FBPR-01A
Fits: Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015
Select Finish
Select Top Tubing
Body Lift
Engine Skid Plate
Lights in Bumper
Lights on Top
Clevis Shackles



Customer Reviews

Author: Joey
This bumper is awesome! The quality of craftsmanship that went into it is second to none! Proud to have it on my truck.

Author: Bill Hernandez (
I recently Ordered abumper from you order id 1217. I like to let you know that this is a nice custom addition to my truck. My truck has 33" x16 x 11.50 mud contry tires on it. They used to slightly rub the original front bumper at full turn, but not any more with this bumper. I like to enclose pics, for you to use for you advertisment of your product. Thanks Bill (

Author: ernst
Looks really great !
I got a FJ Cruiser and i want a front bumper like that !!!

Author: Neal O.
Great bumper, everything lined up with easy to follow instructions. Fit & finish is very high quality craftsmanship. Thanks for a great product along with knowledgeable staff.

Author: Ryan H
Bumper looks great. When will we see one for the 07+ Tundras? For a bumper that big it needs to be light weight as well

Author: Mario from Canada
Great workmanship, welding is as good as shown on the website...The white bumper/brush-guard/skid plate looks so good on my Tacoma...and unlike other bumper i have seen, it barely adds any length to the truck. Their rock-sliders are the best, can even be used as steps... Hats off!!!

Author: Dale Freeman
Awesome bumper very pleased with the craftsmanship will be getting a rear bumper in the future the silver powder coat is a dead ringer for color matching my tacoma I get alot of comments on it all positive Thanks for making the toughest trucks available even tougher

Author: Chris Schendel
This bumper is by far the best mod that I have done to my truck. The welds, powdercoating, design, and construction are superb. Installation was very simple and to the point instructions were included. I will easily give them more business in the future.

Author: Christopher Collins (
You can not ask for a better or tougher bumper then this. It shows the true workmanship that has been put into it. Very rugged and has a very appealing look. I saw an All Pro bumper on another Tacoma, and it just looked flimsy compared to that of the SW bumper.

Author: David - Alberta, Canada
I hit a rock wall doing 85 kph and this thing barely budged. In fact, it bent the frame rather than the bumper as it looks pretty true even after taking a couple serious hits in the same accident. Shrockworks for the win!

/4Runner is the next truck and it will also receive a big Shrockworks bumper!

Author: raymond campbell (
damm, i cant wait, is it here yet! is it here yet! god this thing is going to look good on my little yota.

Author: Unknown
Wait time is way too long; however, the product is way worth the wait.

2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper
2005-2015 Tacoma Front Bumper