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Warn Powerplant Dual Force Winch & Air Compressor #91800
Warn Powerplant Dual Force Winch & Air Compressor #91800
Warn 9500lb. Powerplant Dual Force Winch & Air Compressor Warn-91800

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When you want the best tool for the jobsite, you want the WARN PowerPlant HP. With a powerful air compressor and an amazingly strong winch, you'll be able to get more done in less time.

A powerful air compressor combined with a high-duty winch lets tradesmen, farmers, and ranchers get more done in less time.
Runs air tools such as nail guns and impact wrenches, so there's no need to lug a large, cumbersome air compressor to the jobsite.
All-in-one unit is simple to install so you can spend more time working. Accessories, such as Auxiliary Air Tanks and Plumbing Kit are available to store more air on your truck.

You're a hard-working person with a hard-working truck. Now get the hardest-working tool for your vehicle: the WARN® PowerPlant Dual Force HP. Combining a powerful, premium air compressor with a legendary WARN winch, the PowerPlant Dual Force HP is the ultimate vehicle-mounted tool for the jobsite, and it's the only product of its kind on the market.

In a world where time is money, the PowerPlant Dual Force HP is designed to save you both. We've priced the PowerPlant to cost less than if you were to buy an on-board air compressor and a winch separately. Because the unit is self contained, installing the PowerPlant is easy, meaning you spend more time on the job and less time on the installation.

The rugged air compressor delivers plenty of power to run air tools such as nail guns or impact wrenches, and because the air compressor is on your truck, there's no need to haul around a cumbersome compressor to the jobsite for pick-up work.

On the winch side, the PowerPlant Dual Force HP has been engineered to handle those longer, harder pulls. Thanks to a 12,000 lb. line rating, it can pull you and your truck to a hard-to-get-to jobsite, or recover a stuck piece of machinery out of the mud. The standard thermometric switch prevents the PowerPlant from overheating, meaning you won't have to worry about getting "stuck at work."

Air flow rating: 12 CFM @ 0 psi, 5 CFM @ 90 psi
Max air pressure: 100 psi
Rated Pull: 9,000 lbs. single line
Motor: Series Wound 4.6 hp 12V
Remote Control: Hand-held remote control with thermometric indicator
Geartrain: 3-Stage planetary
Gear Ratio: 156:1
Clutch: Sliding ring gear
Brake: Automatic direct drive cone
Drum Diameter/Length: 2.5"/9.0"
Wire Rope: 125' of 5/16"
Fairlead: Roller
Finish: High gloss, powder coat finish over chromate coating
Dimensions: 26x16x12
Weight: 100 lbs

FREE Shipping! (USA Lower 48)

Manufacturer Warn
Part #: 3PACC-WARN-91800



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