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1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
Rear Bumper & Spare Tire Rack / Swing Away Carrier 2000-2004 Nissan Xterra

Quick Specs:
- Hold up to a 35" Tire
- 3/16" Steel main body
- 1" thick steel recovery points. Accept 3/4" clevis shackles.
- ** FRAME STIFFENERS Included Standard**
- Tire mount telscopes in & out to accomodate various width tires and wheel offsets.
- One hand operating latch with padlock hole
- Integrated 2" Receiver Hitch w/ safety Chain attachments
- Adjustable up 2" for body lifts
- Class III 5000 lbs tow rating on hitch
- 1" Grade 8 bolt hinge pin
- Hi-Lift Jack mount option
- CB antenna tab option
- SOLID, no rattling!

Read the review article and see more pics at: Xterra Firma

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: NXTR1-TRAK-01A
Fits: Nissan Xterra 2000-2004
Select Finish
Hi-Lift Jack Mount
CB Antenna Tab
Clevis Shackles



Customer Reviews

Author: Ed
The rear bumper is definitely very solid. No rattling after almost 6 months. Solid locking I love it!

Author: Gene Wallace
I have this bumper and it's a wonderfull work of art.

Author: Anthony DiMattia
Love the bumper! It is absolutely the best out there, bar none. It is extremely well made, looks awesome, and is very functional.

Author: TJ
The other rear bumpers I looked at protruded out too far, and hurt the departure angle...the Shrock was tucked in nice and tight, no departure angle whacks at all.

The latch mechanism is secure, and didn't require modifications like the others did to stay closed.

The 1/4" steel plate and tough powder coat is incredible. So far, I've been rear ended twice by inattentive totaled his car, and I have NO damage. I was attacked from behind by a concrete base for a light pole, no damage....came down off of uncounted ledges and rocks, no damage....just incredible.

I can still see out of the rear hatch window, the tire sits low and off set enough that my 33x12.5 doesn't kill my view out.

The ginormous 1" thick recovery points are just about obscene overkill...there's NO WAY that they will EVER, the FAT surface area puts less stress on the shackles, etc.

The rear swing is double shear mounted, and swings with a finger, and the spare mount is adjustable for my deep dished rim and fat tire, with room to, um, spare. :D

All in all, this is a fantastic bumper.


Author: Andrew Robinson (
Great Bumper! Well built. I wish I would have had it when I pulled my buddies F350 out of a ditch. Those 1" recovery points would have saved my poor ARB's front flimsy 1/4" recovery points from being bent inward about 45 degrees. Ugh! If your front bumper is as sturdy as your rear, I wish I would have know about you guys sooner and and bought the front bumper before I got that darn ARB! I hope I hit a deer so I can get a new bumper! (just kidding, sort of...)

Author: Dave
Absolutely solid and the best built bumper out there. After years of service this bumper still looks new, swings open and closed with one finger, and shows no sign of ever letting me down. No rattles, squeaks, or defects after all of this time.

1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack
1st Gen Xterra Tire Rack